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Welcome to Boston’s premier Back Bay Dentist office. Providing exceptional dental care using only premium products and top tier labs.

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Welcome to Back Bay Dental Design

Our philosophy is to treat the patient, not just teeth. We use an interdisciplinary approach integrating our knowledge, combined experience and skills of dentistry in providing a comprehensive treatment.


Our highly-trained and qualified dentists and periodontists,
and friendly, professional support staff work together to
provide exceptional dental care for you and your family.

After graduating from Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, University of Maryland Dental School in 1983, Dr. Kurban moved to Boston. He enjoys teaching and learning and has been part of the faculty at Harvard School of Dental Medicine for more than 12 years.
AMIR FEREIDOUNI, D.M.D., C.A.G.S.Implantologist
Dr. Fereidouni moved to Boston from Nuerenberg, Germany and graduated from Boston University School of Dental Medicine. He finished a post-graduate specialty program at Boston University with the department of Dental Implantology, where he is also a teacher.


After discussing your dental needs and conducting a complete dental exam, our dentists will recommend the most appropriate treatment options.


We offer a clean, contemporary facility designed with your experience in mind. A relaxing atmosphere aimed at treating each of our patients with the dental skill and gentleness you deserve.

The dentists here are very friendly and the staff are always polite and helpful. The facilities are also really nice and very conveniently located downtown.

Angelique Richardson

Because of Dr. Kurban my daughter has a beautiful smile and can actually breathe…  Dr. Kurban, took one look at my kid’s teeth and immediately new that her tonsils and adenoids were too big for her and this was what was causing her teeth to grow like they were… breathing problems, sleeping depravation and even maybe nasal infection…He then referred my daughter to a specialist to fix these 2 conditions to then treat her teeth. Thank God for him and the day we walk into his office my daughter’s teeth are great and her quality of life is fantastic, no more infection, no more snoring and she loves the dentist. What more can I ask, I myself then switched my dentist to his office. – Thanks Dr. Kurban

Gina White

Never have I experienced such ease of eating, relaxed smile, and, overall, comfort of fit and bite. All this as a result of your expertise. Nary a day passes that I don’t express a “silent and sincere thank you” to you! Therefore, I thought it was time to say it in print, and to convey to you, my genuine appreciation, for the details you took care of, and the quality of care and concern that went into this dental endeavor.

Raffaele K

During my dental procedure, I was quickly put at ease by you and your assistant (Of course having the music + headphones didn’t hurt either)! Being informed of the procedure and the level of discomfort I could expect really helped. You and your assistant checked in with me each step of the way – I just felt so comfortable.

Cathie C.

I want to thank you again for the great work you did on my teeth. I see a big improvement in my facial appearance when I look in the mirror, and I really love what I see! Most importantly, I thank you for your patience, understanding and compassion!

Bella I.

Thank you so much for providing such dedicated dental care and handling our emergencies with prompt, excellent service. Since moving to the North Shore and having our son, it has been difficult to travel to the city, park and keep Colin entertained. We have found it necessary to transfer our records to a local dentist. We will miss the personal touch you and your staff always ensured.

George & Lynne

Let it be known on this day, May 15, 2002, that in my opinion, Andrew F.A. Kurban, D.D.S., F.A.D.G., is the finest and most understanding and benevolent doctor in this cool city of Boston! And let it be known that his kindness and expertise will never be unappreciated or forgotten.

Michael S.

I had to write you a note of thanks for truly being the #1 dentist + all around professionals with “PERSONALITY”. It is with regret that I am saying good-bye, as my recent move to Rhode Island has “anchored” me to the Ocean State; admittedly, on my first visit to a “new” dentist – I bragged incessantly about how much I love all you guys, and that my new dentist and hygienist have mighty big shoes to fill! So thank you for everything and for always making my visits to your office so pleasurable.