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Dr. Fereidouni moved to Boston from Nuerenberg, Germany, and graduated from Boston University School of Dental Medicine. He also completed a post-graduate specialty program at Boston University with the department of Dental Implantology.

In addition to caring for patients at Back Bay Dental Design, Dr. Fereidouni mentors and teaches students at Boston University Dental School through lectures on various topics in dental implantology.

Whenever there is an opportunity, he also enjoys traveling and learning about the latest in dental care technology from other dentists and leaders in the field.

Outside of work, Dr. Fereidouni is passionate about soccer, enjoying good and simple food, and spending time with family and friends.

Giving Back

A tradition of caring runs deep within our practice.

Our dentists are not only skilled, deeply knowledgeable practitioners; they are also responsible for educating the dentists of tomorrow at Harvard, Tufts and Boston University.

Championing dental health and shaping the practices of future dentists is only part of our mission. We also strongly believe in improving the lives of people less fortunate. We are committed to doing good through a number of different endeavors:

  • Volunteering on dental teams in South and Central America, Africa and Asia
  • Acquiring donations of dental equipment and supplies to be used in third world countries
  • Serving with the Special Olympics for Special Athletes/Special Smiles
  • Developing outreach programs to educate primary school children on health care


Dr. Feriedouni

Dr. Fereidouni was wonderful, a true professional, one of the best dental experiences I have ever had—he explained everything as the procedure progressed and is just an amazing doctor!


Dr. Fereidouni sat me right away. My chipped tooth was repaired in under 30 minutes and I was out the door with no soreness. I will definitely be referring to friends and family, and look forward to returning for my next visit.


Dr. Fereidouni was absolutely wonderful! Warm, personable and knowledgable, he walked me through the x-ray results and put together a treatment plan right after.