Boston North End Dentist Office

When you come to Back Bay Dental Design, you get more than a Boston North End dentist office that is conveniently located in Back Bay. What you get is an office that provides a spa-like atmosphere. It’s relaxed and inviting. You don’t feel like you’re at the dentist’s office as much as you feel like you’re treating yourself to a health-oriented escape. It’s just what your teeth need, and we pride ourselves on our pain-free treatments that focus on making the experience as enjoyable as it is beneficial.

Cutting Edge Technology

Along with this relaxed atmosphere for Boston North End general dentistry, we offer cutting-edge technology. We utilize the very best labs in the industry. We use high-end equipment that is constantly being updated so we have the very best tools for the job. If you take your oral health seriously, you need an office that honors this and takes it just as seriously. That’s what you get when you come to our Boston North End dentist office.

Our Staff

More than anything, though, we pride ourselves on our excellent staff. They are very well trained, with post-graduate degrees and years of experience. Dr. Kurban, for instance, has spent more than 12 years on staff at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Our Boston North End general dentistry practice has been around since 1921. That’s the type of history that we work daily to live up to, and you’ll see it in everything that we do. As a full-service dentist office in Boston North End MA, we’re ready to assist you with anything you need.

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811 Boylston St., Suite 3

Boston, MA, 02116